...da Barcellona a Roma...

                                         Contemporary Jewelry Exhibition

                                   Rome, 23- 29 May 2016

An elegant and amazing art show of four great jewelry artists showing their work for the first time together in Italy , all the way from Barcellona.
Idili Joies     Irene Carrera     Raimon Alzamora      Silvia Casas

December 2015_ bussines of design week Hong Kong

'Barcelona inspira disseny'
Aquest és es el lema que ha portat la delegació barcelonina a Hong Kong durant la  Business of Design Week

Entre els dissenyadors independents idili hi va ser amb tres peces de la col.lecció entrellaçats

' Barcelona inspired design ' This is the motto that it has taken the Barcelona delegation in Hong Kong Business of Design Week Among independent designers Idili there was three pieces from the intertwined collection.